Brolly can help your Care organization achieve "Outstanding" certification


Achieving Excellence

Brolly has helped a number of care organizations achieve CQC "Outstanding" marks. Level up your CQC certification

By Carers for Carers

This software was designed by carers with carers in mind, which makes a refreshing change.


Forged in the fire of a real business, only what works survives.

About us

Brolly care is a total care management solution company, comprising of end-to-end Care Management Software, Care Management Best Practice Consulting, Care Training and Care Compliance Document Solutions. Brolly Care was set up to provide UK & Irish business, offering care services, all the necessary tools to help them achieve an “Outstanding Rating” from the CQC (Care Quality Commission) across all five key lines of enquiry (5 KLOE) currently governing the care practice in these territories. These tools will enable Care Providers to not only run an efficient and safe care providers business but one based on leading industry best practice guidelines fostering improved CQC ratings and therefore a far more sustainably profitable business in the longer term.

Our Solutions

Comprehensive Packaged Solution

Staff, their HR requirements, availability, and Rota requirements, your clients requirements, Invoicing and timesheet for payroll management. A staff portal and a client portal for relatives and next of kin.
A comprehensive assessment of your care framework and working practices in order to build a plan to lead your business towards “Outstanding Rating” against all 5 key lines of enquiry (CQC guidelines)
An easy-to-use online interface providing access to up-to-date policies and procedures
A Carer Training Course providing essential first level care training to become a carer as well as qualified carer ongoing competency assessment training

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